May 28, 2024


 EGO / BERLIN / GERMANY  ( 1922 - 1928 )

After the end of the First World War, the Berlin-based company “MERCUR FLUGZEUGBAU GmbH” looked for a new field of activity and shifted its focus to the automobile because aircraft construction had been banned by the Treaty of Versailles. 

 Other aircraft manufacturers such as GRADE had the same problem and then designed and built cars.

In 1921, a new company called “EGO - WERKE” was founded. The EGO  cars built there from 1921 to 1928 were racy vehicles that gained an excellent reputation, particularly thanks to the famous racing driver Rudolf Carraciola. He achieved his first victory on the AVUS race track in Berlin in 1923  in a two-seater of this brand.


On almost all vehicles there is only one lettering on the radiator. However, there was one enameled emblem on the radiator, which you can see here.


 Two scripts were soldered onto the V-shaped radiator


 You find the same script on quite every advertisment:

1922 advertisment for the new EGO with left-hand-drive ( = LINKSSTEUERUNG)



one of the rare color advertisments, published in 1923

You can hardly present an EGO in a more attractive way!

1925 there was also a  more powerful EGO, a type 5/15, which had a radiator grille in the style of the English Daimler.

EGO type 5/15

In the photo on the left, you can also see the script with  three letters on the radiator of the “big” EGO.

On the Internet (wikipedia) you can read that the final end for EGO came in 1927 and only a spare parts supply continued via the company AUTOMECHANIK G.M.B.H.  .

However, I found an advertisement from 1928 for complete cars, so the company probably still existed for longer.

1928 advertisment

Not much is left of EGO automobiles. However, there is still a vehicle in a North German automobile museum (and of course my radiator):

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