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THEODOR RAATZ / BERLIN / GERMANY   ( 1924 - 1925 )

Was it just an ( unsuccessful ) carrossier or was it also an ( unsuccessful ) car manufacturer ? That is the question.
Theodor Raatz is not listed as a car manufacturer in GEORGANO. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything, because a number of manufacturers who can be proven to have existed are missing in this encyclopaedia, even though it is the most comprehensive printed encyclopaedia.


 8.0  cm
Year1924 - 1925

backside without makers mark ( as often  in Germany )

In any case, I have only found two references to this company so far: an advertisement from 1924 and another from 1925 (both in the magazine "MOTOR" by G.  Braunbeck ) and of course my emblem !

In February 1924, Th. RAATZ advertised as a workshop and dealer, not as a manufacturer.

In 1924, Th. Raatz definitely only advertised as a coachbuilder ( see ad above) , but in 1925 one could also read in the advertisement that this company manufactured chassis. And anyone who made chassis and tailored a body to it only had to buy the mechanics and they were already an automobile manufacturer.  Many manufacturers in the 1920s operated in this way.

Around a year and a half later, Th. Raatz also advertised as a coachbuilder and chassis manufacturer, i.e. as an automobile manufacturer.

emblem in as-found condition

and after cleaning

the restoration begins: the mold was bent back into shape and white enamel color was applied

final result with dark green letters

What is missing are contemporary photos of  Th. Raatz vehicles from 1925, which would be the ultimate proof for my theory that this was an (unsuccessful) vehicle manufacturer.

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