Mar 21, 2021


NAW / SPERBER ( 1907 - 1914 )

The NORDDEUTSCHE AUTOMOBIL- WERKE  (NAW) started in Hameln on Weser in 1907 car production with a car called COLIBRI.


1907 COLIBRI with emblem between the doors. This place is not at all illogical, because even on carriages there was often a coat of arms on or next to the doors, although not from the carriage manufacturer, but from the family of the owners (photo collection Klaas Dierks )


five men in a 1911 SPERBER

  NAW  built light cars and was relatively successful so they offered a second type, the SPERBER in 1911, also named after a bird (German for sparrowhawk).
On this detailled brass emblem you see a SPERBER,  not an eagle.
This emblem is one of the oldest German car emblems still in existence.

emblem made of brass

Size 14.0 cm x 10.0 cm
Year1911 - 1913

Contemporary photo showing the emblem between the doors :

photo collection Klaas Dierks

  In 1913 / 1914 the SPERBER, type C was redesigned. In particular, it received a new radiator, now with an enameled  emblem, which showed the three letters NAW in white on a blue background:

NAW radiator seen in a German museum in Hameln / Lower Saxony

contemporary ad showing the radiator with emblem

 The First World War brought civil  production to a standstill. It was also not resumed after 1918, so this car is particularly rare.

1914 NAW / SPERBER with licence plate from Magdeburg / Saxony-Anhalt

If you want to see more photos and to read more about NAW / SPERBER vehicles click for  the fabulous website from Michael Schlenger here.

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  1. Ich wußte nicht, das dieses Emblem noch existiert! ein wirklich seltenes und herausragendes Stück!

    bitte weitermachen!

  2. One car, three names; N.A.W., Colibri, Sperber.