Mar 20, 2021



 GM / FRANCE  ( 1924 - 1928 )

It is not so easy to identify this emblem. When you read GM, you automatically think of General Motors, but that's completely wrong. This emblem comes from the French automobile brand GENDRON et MICHELOT, which offered  relatively unsuccessful mid-size cars from 1924 to 1928. As far as I know, about 200 vehicles were produced.


GENDRON MICHELOT was not a competitor for General Motors. Not even the use of the letter combination GM was prohibited.

 A few years ago, some factory emblems appeared on the market. Apparently there was still a spare parts stock, which was now sold among collectors, so despite the rarity of the vehicle, the emblem was relatively easy to find. 

  4.0 cm x 7.5  cm
1924 - 1928

backside withhout makers mark

a contemporary photo showing a proud owner of a GM vehicle

GENDRON et MICHELOT on a contemporary postcard

1925 advertisment

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