Jan 4, 2014


PLUTO radiator emblem

The PLUTO was a German cyclecar that was built in the Ehrhardt factory at Zella - Mehlis / Thuringia / Germay  from 1924 to 1927. The car was a French AMILCAR built under licence,   There was even an engine with a Roots blower developing 65 HP.  To my knowledge there is only one car left.

You have to look years for this emblem.

Dimensions9.5 cm x 6.6 cm
Year1924 - 1927


Reverse  of an original PLUTO emblem
The PLUTO emblem was mounted on the radiator net and not on the radiator shell.
Therefore the two screws you see on this picture.

fancy advertisment of 1924

contemporary picture of  a PLUTO sports car

thank you Joerg for the picture
For more beautiful emblems from other automobiles see top right of this page ( list of car makers ).

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