Jan 1, 2014


 ROSENGART / FRANCE  ( 1928 - 1955 )

Lucien Rosengart started his car production in 1928 with a licence of the famous AUSTIN Seven, a small four cylinder car.  In 1933 he bought a licence  of the German ADLER, a front-drive car.
Later the ROSENGART Super traction was built with a CITROEN engine.
After WWII  Mr. Rosengart  offered a car with a small flat twin engine called ARIETTE.
But he failed to compete with PEUGEOT, RENAULT and PANHARD.
The factory was closed in 1955.

Nomen est omen:  you see a rose on every ROSENGART emblem.

5.5 cm x  3.6cm

ROSENGART radiator emblem for the LR 4  1938

ROSENGART Supertraction (1932) hood ornament with enameled emblem

emblem only: 5.5 cm x 3.6cm
  ( for the whole mascot )

Rosengart Supertraction advertisment showing the mascot with emblem

The best and most expensive ROSENGART automobile was the second generation of the Supertraction:

ROSENGART SUPERTRACTION ( seen in Paris in 2023)

The SUPERTRACTION had an illuminated hood emblem made of plastic. This was a faulty design because the bulb melted the plastic due to the heat.:

thr front emblem made of plastic is always melted due to the heat from the light

In 1928, ROSENGART, DELAHAYE and CHENARD & WALCKER jointly published an advertisement (probably to save costs) on which both company logos appeared:

 Rosengart not only built automobiles, but also two-wheelers and much more. Here is an advertisement from 1929 showing such a two-wheeler:
As far as I know, this Rosengart engine emblem was only painted.

1924 advertisment

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