Feb 12, 2021


ZÜST / ITALY ( 1906 - 1917 )

The Italian ZÜST  company started car production in 1906. They offered cars and trucks. In 1908 they participated at the Paris to Pekin race and finished  third. In 1908 the first ZÜST truck was built and the Italian army ordered 600 military trucks. But this was not enough and they closed before the end of WWI in 1917 and the company was sold to OM ( for OM emblems please click here ).

Here you see the ultra rare 1912 radiator emblem:

The original emblem is curved. There is no maker´s mark on the back.
The last original  1912 ZÜST emblem offered in ebay was sold for more than USD  1,000.

5.9 cm x 9.8 cm


thicker than usual, the Zuest emblem has 3mm !

ZÜST emblem in contemporary ad


1914 brochure, emblem with dots on top of the letter U

 When studying contemporary photos I found that there was also a brass emblem on the first ZÜST automobiles as you can see on the following picture:

A bad picture only,  as I have never seen this emblem in reality

very bad ZUST repro emblem without dots on top of the letter U


another comtemporary picture showing the radiator with flat brass emblem



close up of the emblem

1909 advertisment for ZÜST and FRERA ZEDEL for more information about FRERA ZEDEL click here !

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