Feb 12, 2021



GALLOWAY ( 1921 - 1929 ).

The Scottish car manufacturer GALLOWAY was founded in 1921 in Tongland / Scotland. It was a subsidiary of ARROL - JOHNSTON, led by Dorothee Pullinger. She enforced that the factories employed almost only women. So the slogan was : "MADE BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN". As far as I know, engines from ARROL-JOHNSTON were also installed. Because there was free capacity in the ARROL-JOHNSTON  factory, the company moved to their premises in Heathhall in 1922.

About 4,000 vehicles were built in 8 year.

The emblem shows a lion and not a Galloway cattle, which would have been appropriate. However, the vehicle was probably not named after the cattle, but after the Galloway region in southwestern  Scotland.


original GALLOWAY with white lion


5.0 cm x 6.0 cm

Year 1921 - 1928


backside without makers mark

1928 advertisment ( after the merger with ASTER )

original GALLOWAY emblem with a red lion

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