Feb 14, 2021


 STOEWER / STETTIN / GERMANY ( 1896 - 1945 )

The "STOEWER" brand is one of the oldest automobile factories in Germany.  The brothers Emil and Bernhard Stoewer Jr. were great pioneers in automobile manufacturing. Bernhard Stoewer Sr. had a small factory for sewing machines and typewriters in the town of Stettin ( today Szczecin in Poland ), then the production of bicycles was added and from 1899 also automobiles were added. 

Around 1900 / 1901, they also manufactured electric mobiles. This was followed by trucks and passenger cars. The company did not survive the Second World War. After 1945, Stoewer automobiles were no longer built and the city of Szczecin became Polish.  However, vehicles were again built on the factory premises, namely FIAT automobiles under license.

Since 1928 the emblem shows a griffin, the heraldic figure of Pomerania.

1899  electric car, which obviously did not have an emblem yet.

STOEWER was also active in Italy:

1907 advertisment for STOEWER trucks ( no emblem yet )

first emblem: the letters G and S are standing for GEBRÜDER STOEWER ( = STOEWER BROTHERS )

1908 advertisment, radiator with the above shown emblem

hubcap with oval STOEWER logo

To my knowledge the first radiator emblem with white letters and blue background appeared in 1912:

early STOEWER emblem

  10.2 cm x 4.8 cm
 1912 - 1928

1911 STOEWER type B2 with enameled emblem

1917 advertisment showing the blue / white emblem


very rare crank hole cover with miniature emblem

1918 ad:  while WWI was still on STOWER tried to sell civil cars

this is an ultra rare STOEWER plate that was mounted on the steering column to indicate the gears and ignition


With the year 1920, the emblem was no longer placed on  front of the radiator, but  on the top of the radiator shell:

STOEWER type D5 ( 1920 - 1923 ) with emblem an top of the radiator shell


1921 advertisment with emblem


On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the company, the vehicles received a special emblem, which was given a cisilated frame.

 However, the question arises as to how one knows when exactly the 25th anniversary took place because the specific literature pretends several dates,   ranging from 1896 to 1899.  A contemporary advertisment celebrating the anniversary would be perfect. But I couldn´t find such an ad.  What I found was a photo showing an offcial  STOEWER  salesroom  and there you can read: Gegründet 1896 (=founded in 1896 ) and an article in a the Motor Magazine about "Fünfundzwanzig Jahre Stoewer". So the following emblem is definitely from the year 1921 !

25 years of STOEWER automobiles, 


Finally I found an advertisment celebrating the 25th anniverary:

Jubilee emblem

10.2 cm x 4.9 cm




Anniversary emblem without makers mark

1924 color advertisment with emblem

1924 STOEWER typ D9

1927 advertisment, in the background you see the old city of Breslau, the hometown of my mother, today Wroclaw / Poland

1927 advertisment still with the old emblem

The first emblem in the form of a coat of arms, showing the Pomeranian Griffin, appeared on the type F6, G8 and G14  in 1928. These cars also had a radiator mascot.

the holes are original to fix the emblem

  7.4 cm x 5.3 cm
 1928 - 1935 

backside without makers mark

1929: 3 STOEWER  GIGANT with 8-cylinder engine starting to the Alpine Tour

The next emblem version had no more holes to fix it on the radiator shell, it was soldered only

  4.8 cm x 6.1 cm
1928 - 1935

also the STOEWER 8-cylinder ad this emblem

   1931 STOEWER type V5 with emblem and mascot. First German Front-Wheel-Drive car (photo factory archive )

1931 STOEWER V5 radiator mascot

large trunk emblem ressembling the front emblem

  7.0cm x 7.8 cm
c. 1930

You find this emblem also on the spare wheel:

8 cylinder,  4 shoes and 1 emblem, what a nice idea

1935 STOEWER type R 150 with masot ( photo factory archive )

1935 STOEWER R 150 mascot

STOEWER GREIF JUNIOR: I made this photo in the nineteeneighties on a German Junk yard

1935 - 1939 STOEWER GREIF JUNIOR ( photo factory archive )

In 1937 two new STOEWER vehicles were offered, the type SEDINA and the type ARCONA.

These were very representative vehicles,  they no longer had an emblem, but they had an interesting radiator mascot:

1937 - 1942 STOEWER ARCONA / SEDINA hood ornament

                                         early  hubcap with an emblem ressembling the blue / white radiator emblem

For more emblems see older posts or top right ( list of car makers ).

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