Jan 24, 2016


FADIN / ITALY   ( 1924 - 1926 )

The Fabricca Automobili Officine Trubetzkoy of Milano / Italy offered two types of light cars:
the 925 Normale with a high speed of 80 Kilometers ( 55 Miles/pH) and the type 925 Sport with a high speed of 120 Kilometers ( 82 Miles / pH).
It was a very short lived company (1924 to 1926 ). No production numbers known

They used a radiator emblem very similar to the FIAT emblem of that period (1921 - 1925).
Shape, size and colors are almost exactly the same including the design of the letter "A" (although mirrored compared to the FIAT emblem). I assume that by copying FIAT`s design FADIN intended to benefit from the excellent reputation of Italy´s largest manufacturer at the time

N.O.S.  FADIN radiator emblem

7.0  cm with laurel
Year1924 - 1926 

left:  FIAT                          right:  FADIN

one of the rare contemporary FADIN advertisments


1926 FADIN showing the radiator with emblem


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