Jan 24, 2016


The FOSTORIA Light Car and Co was active from 1915 to 1916. A total of 293 FOSTORIA cars were built by September 1916. Reportedly, the problem was the engine FOSTORIA had bought from Sterling Motors in Milwaukee.  They were lemons [ Kimes, Clark ].

found in the ground 100 years after the car burned down

Size7.9 cm x 4.7 cm
Year1915 - 1916

original emblem with makers mark:  S.D. CHILDS & CO CHICAGO

As it is incredible rare Harry Pulfer from California reproduced the emblem in the nineteen-sixties of the last century. As pattern he used a black and white advertisement.
As you can see the colors are different and the emblem is flat while the original is curved.

FOSTORIA radiator badge made by Harry Pulfer

For more beautiful radiator emblems see top right  ( list of car makers ).

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