Jan 31, 2016


UTILITAS / BERIN / GERMANY  ( 1920- 1921 )

Not much is known about the German UTILITAS.
It was a cyclecar that was built in Berlin , Pariserstr. 51 from 1920 to 1921 only.
There was a two seater and a four seater model.
It was an assembled car with an engine from N.K.G.
There was no commercial succes. No car has survived.
To my knowledge  a radiator emblem is  the only piece that is left from this particular cyclecar.

slightly vaulted emblem with white letters

     7.5 cm  x  5.0 cm     
 1920 - 1921


There was als a version with black letters:

restored Utilitas emblem

reverse of an original UTILITAS emblem: no makers mark

emblem with contemporary ad

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