Jan 3, 2016


HENSCHEL and Son  ( HuS = HENSCHEL und Sohn) was a German locomotive, aircraft and vehicles builder founded in Kassel in 1810 and starting as foundry. In 1848 they sold the first locomotive. In 1925 they offered the first truck, a Swiss licence of F.B.W.
Production of trucks ceased in 1974.

vaulted emblem with letters  HuS = Henschel and Sons

Dimensions6.5 cm x 7.5  cm 
Year  1926

HENSCHEL advertisement of 1926

HENSCHEL emblem with original holes

Dimensions6.1 cm x 7.1 cm
Yearca.  1930

reverse with makers mark from WILH. DEUMER  LUEDENSCHEID
HENSCHEL brass emblem

Dimensions7.2  cm x 9.0 cm
Yearca.  1933

rare HENSCHEL Aircraft badge  

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