Jan 8, 2016


Rudolf LEY started his automobile production in 1906 with the type LORELEY. This was a fine marketing idea because the LORELEY is a well known rock on the German river Rhein. Later he called his daughter Lore so there was another play upon words.
LEY never was a mass producer of cars so his automobiles were too expensive and he had to stop automobile production in 1927.  There are 8 LEY cars still known in existence.

Here you see the 1914 radiator emblem as shown on a 1914 sales brochure

Dimensions12.7 cm  x 14.7 cm
Year  1914

There have been some more LEY radiator emblems:

The letters stand for Rudolf Ley

Dimensionsca.  4.5 cm x 6.5 cm
Yearca. 1924

Just after WW I  another LEY  emblem was mounted on the radiator:

every LEY emblem is a hard to find item

Dimensions ca. 5.0 cm 

reverse of the 1919 radiator badge

LEY advertisment of 1922 showing the emblem

For more beautiful radiator emblems  see top right of this page ( list of car makers ).

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