Jan 9, 2016


The SILENT SIOUX of Sioux Falls / South Dakota started car production in 1908.      
They used a two-cylinder engine for a five passenger car.        
It was a short lived company. Car production ceased in 1909. 
If you believe the Kimes / Clark  Standard Catalog of American 
                                            Automobiles only five cars were built.                                                         
I´m so sorry but it is not known, if the SILEWNT SIOUX automobile had an emblem or a script. 

                                            What you see here is the badge of an Oil Burner made in Orange City / Iowa !!!                                                             

                                  no valuation   for an Oil Burner badge     !                     

Thank you Murray and Mike for the information and this picture

For more (real)  car emblems see top right  ( list of car makers ) .

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