May 31, 2016


The German RÖHR Company -  founded by Gustav Röhr - started late in the automobile industry.
They presented their first car in 1927.
It was a large 8 - cylinder car  in the luxury segment. They sold not many of these car cars so they tried to offer a cheaper 4 - cylinder car, the RÖHR Junior, one of the first  front wheel drive automobiles. It was the "best-seller" for RÖHR ( 1,700 cars ) but not enough to survive.
In 1938 they sold the factory to STOEWER and the RÖHR Junior became the STOEWER Greif.

All RÖHR emblems are hard to find. You have to looks years for them.

Original Röhr 8 emblem made of enamel
Dimension 2.3 cm x  3.5 cm (badge without base)
Year1927 - 1931


1937 RÖHR OLYMPIER emblem. The insert is a repro made of plastic

this emblem was mounted on the radiator core
Dimensions12.5 cm x 12.0 cm (emblem with metal base)
Year1933 - 1935

insert made of enamel

1933 brochure showing the Junior emblem

picture from  showing a Röhr Junior before WWII

In 1933 -34 at the Röhr 8 type F there was another  emblem on the radiator just showing the number 8 with ornaments. No script or letters on the grill indicated the public that it was a Röhr.
Question of understatement ?

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