Jan 8, 2017

DUX / Germany

The Polyphon factory in Leipzig / Germany was famous for the production of  musical instruments. In 1909 they decided to enter the automobile market offering the Polymobil, a licence of the famous one-cylinder Oldsmobile.
The first car under the Latin name DUX   (that means  "Leader")  was built in 1909.
The last DUX - a 6-cylinder car with v-shaped radiator -  was offered from 1924 to 1926.
The same year DUX was taken over by PRESTO.

As the the last DUX had an v-shaped radiator there was one emblem at each side:

perfect pair of  DUX emblems (NOS)

Dimensions10.7 cm x  4.0 cm each
Year1924 - 1926
Estimate for the pair

there was also a white version

no makers mark

DUX advertisment of 1916 already showing the emblem

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