Mar 12, 2021

DUX / Germany

DUX / GERMANY / LEIPZIG   ( 1908 - 1927 )

The Polyphon factory in Leipzig / Germany was famous for the production of  musical instruments. In 1909 they decided to enter the automobile market offering the Polymobil, a licence of the famous one-cylinder Oldsmobile.
The first car under the Latin name DUX   (that means  "Leader")  was built in 1908.
The last DUX - a 6-cylinder car with v-shaped radiator -  was offered from 1924 to 1926.
The same year DUX was taken over by PRESTO.


1913 advertisment still without emblem


radiator with round emblem and script


1918 design  patent of the round DUX emblem

1913 advertisment

The the last DUX had a v - shaped radiator. There was one emblem at each side:

perfect pair of  DUX emblems (NOS)

10.7 cm x  4.0 cm each
Year1924 - 1926
Estimate for the pair

contemporary photo of the DUX TYP R with v - shaped radiator and  two emblems

same car, but now the man behind the camera

there was also a white version

no makers mark

1924 photo with the above shown emblem

1924 engine side view ( of cours with emblem ! )

1922 advertisement for the DUX with vee - shape radiator

1916 DUX advertisment   showing the emblem

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