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 PRAGA ( 1907 - 1990 )

"PRAGA" was founded in 1907 under the name " Prazska Tovarna na Automobilny". In 1909 the company was renamed "PRAGA", an allusion to the location of the factory. At first, replicas of the brands "CHARRON, "RENAULT" and "ISOTTA FRASCHINI" were produced. Then PRAGA also offered self-developed vehicles.  Later PRAGA also built trucks

In early years,  just a script was seen on the radiator. Then the two-tailed lion of the city of  Prague  emblem became the trademark.  PRAGA built sedans and trucks. While sedans were no longer built after the end of the Second World War, trucks were still manufactured until 1990.

The first enameled was seen in 1910. It was round showing white  five letters on red background. It was used on cars and trucks.



  10.5 cm 
1910 - 1918


very heavy truck radiator


1913 PRAGA type ALFA seen in a museum


 After WWI the emblem became rectangulaire with a crown on top. The background was enameled in the national colors: blue, white and red.


 radiator emblem made of two pieces

   3.5 cm x 5.3 cm 
1920 - 1938


1930 advertisment: PRAGA also sold vehicles to Germany


Truck hood  emblem

PRAGA for sale in the ninteeneighties

1934 PRAGA Piccolo ( emblem with enameled background)

In 1938 the emblem was made in aluminium only

massive brass emblem, probably an employee badge

PRAGA also used different mascots / hood ornaments:

radiator mascot of the early nineteentwenties

The next mascot was built in two sizes. The smaller one for the 4-cylinder  and the larger one for the 6-cylinder automobiles:

1929 PRAGA with mascot on the radiator

1934 PRAGA SIX with extravagant
mascot in the art - deco style

1938 PRAGA LADY with mascot

In the ninteenthirties the PRAGA was built under licence also in Oswiecim / Poland

very rare radiator script

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