Apr 13, 2019

O.D. Ostner / Germany

Mr. Willy Ostner from Dresden / East Germany ( therefore: O.D. ) started   producing heavy motorcycles in 1921.  In the beginning 1930 he offered his first three-wheeler for commercial use.
He was quite successful. In three years he sold around 1,300 units. Later he tried to sell three-wheelers for private use.

He used a wonderful emblem showing the head of an attractive lady.

6.5 cm 
1932 - 1933

the engine was mounted on  the frontwheel, the fuel tank with the emblem on top

as it is a tank emblem there is a left and a right looking version ( the same emblem was mounted on the motorcycle).   
O.D. Rex motorcycle seen in German museum


there are emblems with and without makers mark

In 1938 there was a large brass emblem
20.0 cm x 3.5 cm 

detail of the O.D. REX front emblem, mounted on the REX 4 truck

Some O.D. Rex truck also had a (simple designed ) hood mascot   ( here missing the letter O ).

 Last not least there was also a threaded hubcap :

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