Apr 14, 2019

SPYKER / Netherland

The Dutch SPYKER was in the carriage business before they started to build their own car.
In 1900 they presented a car with an  2-cylinder 20hp engine which followed the very latest Mercedes lines. In 1903 they showed the world´s first 6-cylinder car. All SPYKER cars used advanced technology. The famous round radiator appeared in 1905. After WWI SPYKER even used Maybach engines. Car production ceased in 1925.
Their latin slogan was: NULLA TENACI VIA EST INVIA.
That means: for the obstinate [driver of a SPYKER ]  no way is impossible !

1912  SPYKER radiator with two SPYKER scripts

nickel -plated emblem with latin slogan

Dimensionca 12.0 cm x 8.0 cm
Year 1919 - 1925

extremly rare enameled SPYKER badge

ca. 12.0 cm x  8.0 cm

 1919 - 1920


May be this emblem lost the enamel

SPIKER  radiator with fancy  shell

In 1999,  73 years after the end of the Spyker company, a new company " SPYKER CARS " was founded,                  unrelated to the original company but for the brand name, logo and slogan.

recent SPYKER emblem 

doors of the ancient factory

on the doors again the slogan: NULLA TENACI INVIA EST VIA

1910 SPYKER poster

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  1. Spyker also built the "Gouden koets" the golden carriage, donated by the people of Amsterdam to Queen Emma, queen of The Netherlands.