Jan 10, 2021


The PHÄNOMEN - Werke were founded in Zittau / Saxony / Germany in 1888 by Gustav Hiller and began producing bicycles in 1898 and motorcycles in 1903.
In 1907, the company released the Phänomobil model, which closely resembled Cyclon's Cyklonette. This was no surprise, as two engineers who had developed the Cyclonette had moved to Phänomen. From 1912 to 1927, Phänomen also built larger passenger cars of conventional design. From 1927, only light trucks with air-cooled engines were built.  In 1945, the plants were expropriated without compensation and were then called ROBUR.

1913 advertisment showing the three - wheeler PHÄNOMOBIL ( down left )

British brochure for the PHÄNOMOBIL (here written: Phanomobiles) showing the V2-cylinder engine

ultra rare PHÄNOMOBIL emblem

Size 8.8  cm


PHÄNOMOBIL with 2-cylinder engine ( 1912 - 1922) photo collection Klaas Dierks

The first enameled radiator emblem on a conventional car had capital letters only:

the two holes are original to fix the emblem

Size  9.1 cm


backside without makers mark

Photo from the Michael Schlenger collection showing the emblem ( more Phänomen pictures here )

After WWI the design of the emblem was changed. Now you find an emblem in the form of a rhombus on a v - shaped radiator:

photo collection Klaas Dierks



another contemporary photo showing a PHÄNOMEN with v -shaped radiator


In 1924 the time was over for the vee  - shaped radiators and the PHÄNOMEN emblem became flat:

Size7.5 cm x 3.5 cm
Year1926 - 1930

There was also a version with two holes to fix the emblem at the radiator:

In 1927 PHÄNOMEN specialized in light trucks using a simplified emblem:

Sizec.7.0 cm x 4.0 cm
Year1927 - 1939

1928 brochure where you can read: the truck that does not need care !

1928 advertisment showing the new light truck 4 RL and the new "Kübelwagen"

radiator shell of the light truck 4 RL with blue / white emblem

close up of the truck emblem


As far as I know, the emblem was made of aluminum from 1940 onwards to save material:

PHÄNOMEN type GRANIT emblem made of aluminium  

  7.6 cm x  3.6 cm


The following emblem is a mystery. I have never seen this emblem on an automobile.

Who knows more ?

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