Jan 24, 2021


 Almost everyone knows the SKODA brand, but who else knows LAURIN & KLEMENT ?

 The automobile maker "LAURIN & KLEMENT" was an Austrian - Hungarian brand. Vaclav Klement and Vaclav Laurin opened a workshop for the production of bicycles in Bohemia in the winter of 1894.

 In 1900, the first automobiles prototypes were built. In 1905 there was the first car with a two-cylinder engine. From 1912 they produced 4 cylinder cars and in 1913 they took over another Bohemian automobile factory, the Reichenberger Automobil Fabrik, called RAF for short.

In 1925 LAURIN & KLEMENT merged with the Czech brand SKODA. For three years you find a SKODA badge and a LAURIN & KLEMENT script on the radiator.  Three years later, only cars with the SKODA name were built and sold.

To my knowledge only a round enameled radiator emblem was made, which existed in several variations:

1924 raditor emblem. The outer ring shows a laurel wreath, here with green enameled leaves.

7.4 cm

Year 1912 - 1925


The holes at the top and bottom of the emblem are original. Here they were closed by mistake.

1918 advertisment showing a car with vee - shaped radiator and round emblem on the top

LAURIN & KLEMENT also built trucks

LAURIN & KLEMENT in Czech museum

LAURIN & KLEMENT emblem in the found condition

rare hubcap showing the same design as the emblem

About the year 2000, the SKODA directory remembered its old brand and launched a new SKODA, type Laurin & Klement. On these cars were always a script on the front fenders  and sometimes a plastic LAURIN & KLEMENT badge, designed like the prewar emblems:

2018 plastic badge also showing two rivets for mounting

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