Mar 29, 2020


Like many armaments factories the MAUSER Werke AG had to turn to new products after WWI.
They started with a very unusual car, called Einspurwagen ( single lane car ).
It was a three seater with two passengers behind the driver and two small retractable wheels at the side for starting and stopping ( what a crazy idea ). This car had  no emblem. From 1927 to 1929 the WINKLER Company of  Oberndorf  produced the single trace car in licence. Now there was an emblem:

Year1927 - 1929

In 1923 MAUSER brought out a conventional 4 - wheeled car with 4 brakes and a 4-cylinder engine but it was sold in small numbers only.

the target circle on the  emblem as a symbol for the arms industry

Size6.9 cm x 7.2 cm
Year1923 - 1927

In four years there were two slightly different emblems. Instead of the target circle here you see the ironsight of a pistol ( made by Mauser ):

1924 advertisment for both vehicles

contemporary description of the MAUSER privat car

1924 MAUSER brochure

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