Apr 3, 2020


The German " Berliner Motorwagen Fabrik "  started car production under the name ORYX in 1907.
The first ORYX car had a 1555 ccm 4-cylinder engine and the radiator showed a round emblem ( see next two photos ).  The factory merged with Duerkopp in 1909 but ORYX built cars under  their own name further.  Now there was a kidney - shaped radiator emblem.
There was also a light commercial car called ERYX ( I don´t know if there was a special ERYX emblem ).           
It is doubtful wether there was a car production after WWI.  Altogether less than 600 cars were built.

round ORYX brass emblem with a half laurel wreath

contemporary photo showing the radiator with round emblem (photo collection Klaas Dierks )

close-up of the radiator

restored ORYX emblem (collection G.B.)

Sizec. 10.0 x 7.0 cm
Year1909 - 1914

1913 advertisment showing rdaitor with emblem

1908 advertisment for the ERYX ( ORYX ) commercial light car

another rarity:  original ORYX hubcap

ORYX car owned by the famous actor Manfred Krug ( 1937 - 2016 )

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