Apr 19, 2020


AUTO TRACTION  / ANVERS / BELGIUM   ( 1920 - 1930 )

The Belgian AUTO TRACTION was founded in 1920 to build heavy trucks based on the models of CHENARD & WALCKER which owned part of the shares. The company badge was a rising sun.
In 1923 the first AUTO TRACTION bus appeared. In 1925 MINERVA bought from CHENARD & WALCKER all shares. From then on you could read on the emblem AUTO - TRACTION and also " MANUFACTURED BY MINERVA MOTORS  ANTWERRP - BELGIUM ". Production ceased in 1930.

Emblem used before 1925. I have never seen this emblem in reality.

Size 7.1 cm
Year1925 - 1930

backside of an AUTO TRACTION emblem without makers mark

very beautiful advertsiment for SKF and AUTOTRACTION in Englebert magazine ( 1924)

1925 AUTO TRACTION bus manufactured by MINERVA



1926 french advertisment


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