May 1, 2020


It is a pleasure to collect KAISER FRAZER automobilia so why not showing the two most beautiful post war emblems made in the States !
The KAISER - FRAZER Corporation was founded by Henry J. Kaiser and Joseph A. Frazer in 1946.
Henry J. Kaiser was a millionaire shipbuilder who was also active in the energy sector.
Joseph A. Frazer was president  of  the Graham - Paige Motor Corporation until 1941.
Howard Darrin was engaged to style the cars. After WWII they saw the one and only chance to break into the closed shop of the Big Three ( General Motors, Ford and Chrysler ).
Plans embraced two makes, the low-medium-priced car KAISER and the rather more expensive FRAZER.
Both had a 3.7-litre 6-cylinder engine from Continental.  The original list price for the KAISER was $ 1,967 against  $ 2, 152.
Their best year was 1948 when they sold 140,000   cars.
The FRAZER marque was discontinued after the 1951 models.
Production of KAISER cars ceased in 1955.
In nine years about 760,000 US made cars were built.

The KAISER  FRAZER was announced as a modern front wheel drive car ! But by the time the make went on sale they had  drive to the rear wheels.                                                                                                                                                                

One of the first advertisments of this new company showed the two hood emblems of the cars but not the automobiles you should buy ! Therefore  it is one of the most remarkable automobile advertisments.

1947 advertisment: KAISER FRAZER must have been very proud about these hood emblems
The first KAISER hood emblem is a fine piece of art and a must have for any collector.

Dimensions  14.0 cm  x 8.8 cm
Year1947 - 1948

emblem with makers mark from ROSS AD

N.O.S. KAISER emblem with original package

In 1949 the hood emblem became much smaller.  The emblem wasn´t enameled but painted in black and green:

Size10.0 cm x 10.0 cm
Year1949 - 1950

The next change in the design was seen in 1951.  Now the bison was embossed and you see green bushes left and right of the animal:

Size10.7 cm x 9.5 cm
Year 1951

 1951  KAISER De Luxe dashboard emblem

1949 KAISER horn button

1950 horn button showing the hood emblem

1951 / 1952 horn button with golden embellishment

1950 KAISER De Luxe horn button

The 1951 / 1952 horn button is my favorite horn button as you can see a golden letter K and 4 symbols representing the KAISER  empire that was  engaged in building automobiles and ships and producing energy with hydropower plants resp. conventional plants.

another version of the 1951 KAISER horn button

1952 KAISER hood emblem with plastic insert showing a golden letter K

1951 - 1953 KAISER radio delete plate

In 1951 KAISER offered the HENRY J series. It was a new cheap car optional with a 4-cylinder 2.2 liter or a 6-cylinder 2.6 litre engine. This car was also offered via SEARS- ROEBUCK department stores, here called ALLSTATE.
But there was no commercial success. SEARS sold c. 2,400  cars only.

KAISER HENRY J front bar emblem

The HENRY J and the KAISER DARRRIN had a very simple horn button:

HENRY J  script and  ALLSTATE  emblem showing the shape of the United States ( without Alaska )

HENRY J seen in a scrapyard in Alabama in 1990
When KAISER ceased production of the last model Manhattan in America the dies were shipped to Argentina where it continued in production as the CARABELA:

1954 - 1955 KAISER Manhattan steering wheel plastic badge

The FRAZER cars had large and a colorful hood emblem:

Look at the french slogan used by FRAZER:   JE SUIS PRET   ( = I´m ready )

Size  8.6 cm x 14.0 cm
Year1947 - 1950

backside with makers mark from  A.E. CO. UTICA N.Y.

contemporary photo

1947 sale brochure with emblem

1951 emblem now made of plastic

1947 / 1948  FRAZER horn button showing the hood emblem

contemporary photo of the 1947 / 1948 dashboard and steering wheel with horn button

very large ( diameter 12.8 cm )  FRAZER de Luxe horn button ( 1949 )

1949 / 1950 horn button

KAISER FRAZER enameled dealer sign

KAISER FRAZER automobilia  ( Eberhard Taenzer Westphal collection )

KAISER FRAZER hood ornaments  ( Eberhard Taenzer - Westphal collection )

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