Apr 10, 2020


DINOS / BERLIN / GERMANY  ( 1921 - 1924 )

The DINOS Automobilwerke of Berlin / Germany was a short lived company ( 1921 - 1924).
The company was a reoganisation of  the Loeb - Werke AG situated in Berlin - Charlottenburg.
They offered two cars. The one with a 2.1 litre four-cylinder engine and the other with a 4 litre six-cylinder, both engines were designed by Joseph Vollmer, a well known engineer who worked for GAGGENAU, SKODA, NAG and other.  In four years DINOS built about 400 cars so every emblem is a rarity.

DINOS emblem. The holes are original. The wings are slightly curved.

Size15.2 cm x 6.5 cm
Year1921 - 1924

backside without makers mark

I found a futuristic advertisment, published in 1921 to 1924:

1924 advertisment together with WERFT WARNEMÜNDE (= shipyard in Northern Germany)

                                            left: 4-cylinder DINOS                 middle:  Phänomen                       right: FAFNIR                                                                                                (photo Vorkriegs-Klassiker-Rundschau, collection Frank Müller)

6-cylinder DINOS with a radiator shell resembling the British Daimler (  collection Thomas Ulrich )

1921 advertisment showing a DINOS with vee - shaped radiator

1923 advertisment

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