Apr 5, 2020


This is my first and probably last post about a prewar car made in Norway because this country had only very few car manufacturer.
The Norsk Geijer Bilfabrik started car production in Oslo / Norway in 1926 and sold five cars equipped with a 4-cylinder Lycoming engine. Later they made a larger car now using an 8-cylinder Lycoming engine. Production ceased in 1930. In 7 years they built less than 30 cars.  A Norsk Geijer radiator is now held by the Transport  Museum of Oslo / Norway,  but no complet car is known to survive.

Size7.9 cm x 5.5 cm
Year1923 - 1930

backside without makers mark

contemporary photo with a decorated GEIJER


No, it's not a FIAT or a Model A, it's a Norwegian Geijer !

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