May 11, 2020


The SKODA  factory started car production under this name in Plzen ( Pilsen ) Czechoslovak Republic in 1925. The factory was named after the famous engineer Emil Skoda who worked for the predecessor company. SKODA built HISPANO SUIZA automobiles under licence from 1923 to 1926 using the well known HISPANO SUIZA emblem. In 1925 SKODA took over the LAURIN & KLEMENT works so the first SKODA showed an oval emblem on top of the radiator and a Laurin and Klement script on the radiator core.

1925 first SKODA with Laurin & Klement script

The first enameld SKODA emblem had a laurel wreath around the oval:

You still have a good chance  to find this emblem as  SKODA cars sold well during this period
Size  9.2 cm  x 5.4 cm
Year1926 - 1933

Backside of the emblem: you see the sheet metal frame that was soldered onto the radiator, the emblem was then inserted and the frame was beaded with special wood tool

1931 SKODA 430 with emblem and fantasy mascot ( photo collection Michael Schlenger )

The next emblem appeared in 1934.  Now you find the famous SKODA trademark in the emblem: a three feathered arrow in a circle. The arrow is (mostly ) pointing to the right . SKODA is using this trademark still today.

one year only radiator emblem

Size  3.4 cm  x  6.2 cm

1934 SKODA 420 front with mascot and emblem ( photo collection Michael Schlenger )

Size  6.0 cm  x 2.3  cm
Year1935 - 1938

The SKODA POPULAR even had two emblems. On top of the radiator shell the emblem shown above and in the middle of the grill the emblem shown on the next photo:

Size  15.0 cm  x 6.0 cm
Year1935 - 1938

1936 SKODA POPULAR ( photo collection Michael Schlenger )

The next generation of the SKODA POPULAR had an upright fixed emblem:

SKODA POPULAR emblem in as found condition

Size  2.3 cm  x 7.4 cm
Year1938 - 1940

After the beginning of WWII the emblem was made of aluminium only:

1940  SKODA POPULAR 1100

After the beginning of WWII the emblem was made of aluminium only !

SKODA was also very active in the truck field:

very large SKODA 256 truck front emblem made of sheet metal ( about 5,500 trucks were built )

Size  36.0 cm  x 15.0 cm
Year1939- 1944

SKODA truck type 256 showing the front emblem

After WWII SKODA started with the new type 1101 TUDOR in 1946. It had a simple mascot on the hood and a grill emblem made of red painted aluminium:

Attention: the feathered arrow is pointing to the left ! May be a political requirement.....

Inside you found a steering wheel with an attractive horn button:

horn button made of bakelite

1955 SKODA 440 sales brochure

SKODA 445 grill emblem made with red vitreous enamel

Size  8.9 cm  x 5.3 cm (with wings)
Year1955 - 1959

From 1976 to 1990 SKODA used a very simpel chromed sheet metal emblem:

In 1985 SKODA offered the SKODA FAVORIT with a design from Carozzeria Bertone.
Some models had a special BERTONE badge:

emblem with original hole to fix it

From 1993 onwards - starting with the model FELICIA  - until 2016  SKODA used a very    appealing emblem made of chromed plastic with a green feathered arrow.

In 2016 was the last change of the design. The emblem was again simplified. No more green, no letters SKODA,  black and chrome only:

recent SKODA emblem

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  1. Neither did I know that Skoda built HISPANO SUIZA automobile under license, nor that Skoda took over AURIN & KLEMENT! Really very interesting and learned something again :)