May 3, 2020


 PERL / AUSTRIA  ( 1918 - 1968 )

The Austrian PERL Automobil Fabrik AG was founded by Gustav Rudolf Perl in Liesing / Austria  in 1918.  The first advertisment  (published in 1918 ) is promoting a tractor.
In 1921 the first privat car was introduced, a small cyclecar with a 4-cylinder 0.9 litre engine.
In parallel PERL also built trucks and buses.
In 1924 / 1925 the PERL Suprema with a 4/17 hp engine was presented to the public.
There was also a stylish version with a vee - shaped radiator.
In 1935 PERL merged with GRÄF & STIFT.
After WWII Gustav R. Perl founded the new company
 " PERL - AUHOF Automobil Bestandteile und Karrosserie Fabrik GmbH  "
 offering buses with engines from Maybach, Steyr and Henschel. Production ceased in 1968.

first enameled PERL radiator emblem

  7.4 cm x 5.3 cm
 1921 - 1924 

1921 advertisment with emblem

1925 PERL exhibition showing the vee- shaped model

very rare PERL  with v - shaped radiator ( photo collection Michael Schlenger Vorkriegsklassiker Rundschau )

backside with makers mark from STÖGER WIEN

Original in as found condition

PERL radiator emblems (= Kühler-Schilder ) were also made by L. PRAMER / Wien

what a funny advertisment

PERL postcard with badge

In 1925/ 1926 was a change in the design of the emblem. Now the 4 letters were written in a modern style.
There were at least two color versions a the new emblem:  green and black.

1928 advertisment with red emblem that was never used on a car with this color

  8.8 cm x 6.0 cm
 1925 - 1935

1926 advertisment showing the modernized emblem

contemporary photo showing a PERL with v - shaped radiator ( collection Volker Neumann )

The post war PERL - AUHOF emblems are showing the Austrian double-headed eagle:

12.0 cm x 5.8 cm ( with base )

1960 advertisment with emblem

very large and very heavy bus front emblem and script

 25.0 cm x 15.5 cm (emblem only !)

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