Oct 30, 2020


The Italian Motor Company S.A.M.  ( SOCIETA AUTOMOBILI et MOTORI ) of Legnano near Milano / Italy was a short lived company ( 1922 - 1928 ).  They started car production in 1922 and offered a three wheeler. This car was not a bestseller, so as soon as possible S.A.M. then produced  a conventional four-wheeler with a 1,100 cc engine producing 22bhp. In 6 years S.A.M. built less than 400 vehicles.

on top: three wheeler             below: conventional four wheeler

 1928  type C25 radiator with emblem 
Size6.6 cm x 3.5 cm
Year1923 - 1928

When I bought the radiator I thought that it was the one and only relic of this defunct company. But I was wrong.  When visiting Italy in summer 2020 I saw a S.A.M type C25 in running order and I was told that there is at  a second one.

S.A.M. body plate with round emblem

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