Nov 1, 2020


MACCAR  ( Mac-Carr Company )  was started in 1912 and named after its 2 founders, Jack Mack (one of the brothers who formed MACK in 1902 ) and Roland Carr.                                                                                   MACCAR built trucks of 3/4 to 8 tons over the years. In 1929 MACCAR joined SELDEN.  Neither of them survived the depression and the business was discontinued in 1935.

As far as I know, the trucks only had a script on the radiator or on the hood until 1921. It was not until 1922 that the first enamelled emblem appeared:

restored original with makers mark from THE WHITE HEAD & HOAG CO NEWARK

Size7.0  cm

Other automobile manufacturers also showed in their emblem a globe like the American THOMAS FLYER , the British MORRIS and  TRIUMPH  and the German FORD Taunus:


1922 advertisment showing the new emblem

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