Jan 24, 2021


 No, the headline is not a mistake !  

After the First World War, the board of directors of Rolls Royce decided to establish its own factory and company in the USA.

 A $7 million company was founded, called  " ROLLS ROYCE OF AMERICA Inc. ".

In a 1921 advertisment you could read that the cars would be built by "British mecanics under British supervision ". That year 135  ROLLS ROYCE Silver Ghost with six-cylinder engine were produced.

The best year was 1924 with 240 units. The introduction of the Phantom II in England in 1929 was the end of the American Rolls Royce. The company could not afford the new tools . Until 1929  2,944 ROLLS ROYCE were built in the States. After that year, only a few of the obsolete models were built and sold. 

All American ROLLS ROYCE emblems had red letters because the change to black letters took place in 1934.

Size 4.1 cm x 7.2 cm
Year1921 - 1929


The American emblems are distinguished from the British emblems by the fact that on the bottom you can read:  REG US PAT OFF

backside without makers mark

1922 advertisement praising the quality of the nickel parts of the US Rolls Royce

I do not know if there are any reproductions of the American emblem. However, there are plenty of reproductions of the British emblem with red letters. Here you must pay attention to whether the background of the letters is hatched or not. On original emblems the red color is always transparent and the background is hatched !

Original British ROLLS ROYCE emblem. Look at the hatched background of the letters !

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  1. My emblem has vertical hatches (not diagonal). What does it mean?

    1. My red enamel RR emblem also has vertical lines in the metal showing through the transparent enamel. I have sent a photo to Claus