Feb 5, 2021


On 9 November 1905, on the initiative of Mr. Corrado Frera, builder of velocipedes and motorized bicycles, FRERA  CORRADO C. was established with headquarters in Milano, Torino, Parma, Padova, Firenze, Bologna, Mantova, Bari, Como Varese and Messina.

The purpose of the company was the construction and sale of cars, motorcycles and bicycles.
After having produced a few examples of a small car called "Il PICCOLO" with air-cooled twin-cylinder engine, the company took over the manufacturing license from the well-reputed French company ZEDEL. The Italian FRERA ZEDEL ends its activity in 1913. 

It seems that not a single automobile of this brand has survived. All the rarer is the emblem presented here.

Size 6.3 cm
Year1907 - 1913


backside without makers mark

1907 joint advertisment from ZÜST ( on top ) and FRERA ZEDEL  ( bottom of the picture)

On this enlargement, with a little imagination, you can see the round emblem.

1907 advertisment listing all headquarters of the FRERA ZEDEL

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