Feb 19, 2021


BELGA RISE  ( 1932 - 1938 )

The brothers Georges and Maurice Sizaire founded their automobile company  in 1904, followed by a company called SIZAIRE et NAUDIN, which was very successful. Then they teamed up with the British industrialist Berwick and built a vehicle, which was logically called SIZAIRE BERWICK. Next came the company SIZAIRE FRERES in 1923, which built an ultra modern car in Courbevoie / France. However, production in Courbevoie had to be stopped in 1929 for financial reasons. 

 Because the car had sold very well in Belgium, it was decided to continue building the vehicles there under the newly founded SIZAIRE BELGE brand. In 1932, SIZAIRE BELGE was renamed BELGA RISE, which finally brings us to the brand presented here.

The BELGA RISE had a Rolls Royce style radiator

also the emblem was designed in the Rolls Royce style

  4.5 cm x 6.4 cm 
1932 - 1938

 contemporary photo showing  the BELGA RISE with  a radiator mascot ( the same mascot was used by Sizaire Frères )

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