Feb 6, 2021


 No, the headline is no mistake. There was indeed a FIAT manufactured in the USA.

FIAT of Italy was initially imported to the U.S.A. by O.H. Keep of New York City and than by the Hol - Tan company.  In 1909 Hol Tan´s contract for FIAT importation was cancelled and the AMERICAN FIAT COMPANY was founded, financed by Wall Street money. The factory was built in Poughkeepsie, New York and production started in spring 1910. Nevertheless, imports of Fiat automobiles from Italy continued throughout the existence of the American factory. In 1918 the American FIAT plant was purchased by Duesenberg Motors Corporation and FIAT automobiles were imported only to the States until 1982. To my knowledge the last officially imported FIAT was the roadster 2000 and the Coupe X 1/9. 

Since the year 2013, there was again a FIAT factory in the USA. The purely electric car type FIAT 500E was built there until 2019 using the (normal ) European FIAT badge.

the first american FIAT emblem was flat with black / red colors

the next generation was vaulted with red / blue colors

10.0 cm x 5.8 cm

Year 1910 - 1918


backside of the American FIAT emblem ( no makers mark )

The special characteristic of the FIAT lettering to this day is that the letter "A" is beveled at the top right:

top:   American FIAT         bottom: European FIAT

contemporary photo showing an American FIAT

The history of FIAT emblems is one of the most interesting stories ever, because the FIAT emblem has always evolved and later always quoted itself. So for more FIAT emblem stories click here !

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