Dec 22, 2021



Have you ever wondered where the Corona virus actually came from originally ?
Here is the ( not entirely serious ) answer:

 CORONA started  Brandenburg / Havel, Germany exactly in 1900  as I prove below:

Corona three - wheeler made in 1900

CORONA photo from 1914

CORONA bicycle made in Brandenburg / Germany

It took decades for the virus to catch on, with the breakthrough coming with the Delta variant:


We continued with the OMIKRON variant, which was spreading at breakneck speed:

Here you can see how the OMIKRON type moves on at high speed.

The OMIKRON type is still on the road. But an end is foreseeable:

Everything has an end, even the OMIKRON type has been stopped !

With kind permission of Thomas Ulrich / Berlin, from whom the idea and the pictures come.

 Of course you will learn more about the OMIKRON (automobile), so please click here !


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