Jan 2, 2022


 CLYNO / UK  ( 1922 - 1929 )

CLYNO was a British brand known for producing motorcycles. It became an automobile manufacturer from 1922 to 1929. Founded by Frank Smith in Pelham Street, Wolverhampton England.

The brand name comes from Frank and Ailwyn Smith of Thrapston, Northamptonshire. They designed and manufactured a pulley with a variable drive  for belt driven machines. They called it an "inclined pulley" which was soon shortened to "clined". Hence the name of the motorcycles and cars.

 Compared to other manufacturers like CLULEY, COVENTRY PREMIER, DUPLEX, CUBITT, CROUCH etc, the CLYNO light car  has been relatively successful.

The best year was 1926 when they sold more than 13,000 vehicles !

 In 7 years total of  35,000 to 40,000 automobiles were built.


7.8.  cm x 4.9 cm
Year1922- 1929


backside without makers mark



1923 CLYNO advertisment showing the car and the emblem


1924 CLYNO advertisment

1925 CLYO advertisment

CLYNO also exported to Germany as this advertisement from 1925 shows.  


there was also a chromed emblem


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