Mar 26, 2023


BENZ SÖHNE / GERMANY  ( 1906  - 1926 ) 

In 1906 when Carl Benz left the BENZ & Cie Company he had founded,  he started a new factory together with his sons Richard and Eugen. The start was very difficult. Only prototypes were built until 1908.   Car production  was always small and ceased in 1926.
It seems that only two BENZ and SÖHNE cars survives today.

original BENZ and Sons emblem ( N.O.S. ,- found in the basement of the ancient factory in Ladenburg / Germany in 2004 ) a real highlight of every collection

  7.4 cm
Year1906 - 1914


reverse without makers mark

1909 advertisment showing the emblem

            contemporary photo showing the radiator with emblem and script  ( photo collection Dietrich Conrad, for more information about BENZ und Söhne click here)

In 1913 Carl Benz worked on his own sleeve valves engine. He had no ambition and no money to pay licence fees to Charles Yale Knight who patented the sleeve valves engine in the USA in 1906.
The Benz sleeve valves engine was developed to the stage of a regular production so Car Benz even ordered emblems for this type. You can see the emblem on the next picture. I don´t know why but then he decided to stop this project. To my knowledge there was never a regular production. So you can imagine how rare this emblem is.
I ´m sure it was intended to be mounted on the firewall or on the engine itself as the name BENZ  is not written on the emblem.

  6.0 cm


reverse without makers mark

In 1914 and later an  emblem made in the same style with the sun and rays was used on top of the raditor of a 1914 BENZ, type 10/26 and again in 1924.

a very sought - after emblem

  7.4 cm
Year1914 - 1924


backside without makers mark

1924 BENZ SÖHNE automobile seen in the CARL BENZ museum in Ladenburg / Germany 

January 1913: first draft of the emblem shown above

1924 hubcap showing the emblem

You find more information about BENZ here.

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