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GOBRON - BRILLIE / FRANCE  ( 1901 - 1930 )

As early as 1898, Eugène Brillié and Gustav Gobron joined forces to create the GOBRON - BRILLIE brand and produce automobiles. Their specialty was a two-cylinder engine, but in which ran four pistons. An invention that did not catch on. As early as 1903 the partners split up again, but keeping the name GOBRON -  BRILLIE until 1910, and only after that, until the end in 1930, the vehicles bore  the name GOBRON only.

When the company was still  called GOBRON-BRILLIE, the emblem had an oval shape.

1907 GOBRON BRILLIE with oval emblem

From 1911 the emblem became round and showed a kind of gear in a circle:

7.7  cm
Year1911- 1920

the only original enameled GOBRON emblem I have ever seen 

  6.5 cm
1920 - 1924

GOBRON radiator with long filler neck

There was also a reproduction of the emblem, where however the enamel was not transparent:

repro emblem

Overview of French radiators from 1906:

second row in the middle (number 29) the GOBRON radiator

contemporary advertisment showing the emblem top right

GOBRON radiator of my collection

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