Oct 24, 2023


 BENJAMIN  /  BENOVA  / PARIS / FRANCE ( 1921 - 1929 )

The BENJAMIN brand was founded on November 24, 1920 by Maurice Jeanson. Just 10 months later, on September 26, 1921, the first vehicle was officially registered and licensed. The vehicles successfully participated in numerous races. Very intensive advertisements were placed in magazines, so that the brand was virtually over-represented. However, the actual sales success remains unclear to this day. The subsequent decline of the cyclecar genre also affected Benajmin.

In 1927, the company was doing very badly economically. To give the brand new impetus it was renamed from BENJAMIN to BENOVA. The new name was composed of BENJAMIN and NOVA = BENOVA.  It all didn't help, in 1929 the company had to close.


This emblem is a mystery. It shows a car in the style of the twenties. In any case, the car shown has a sleeker body than the first Benjamin. In this respect, the emblem should be from the mid-twenties. However, so far there is no photo of a car with such an emblem.


1922 ad showing the rectangular emblem

  14.1 cm x 4.1 cm
 1922 -1926

backside without makers mark

1923 magazine showing the white emblem with red letters

1926 advertisment in Englebert magazine

there was also a much rarer emblem in red with white letters

In 1926 a new, oval emblem appeared on the radiator:

  13.1 cm x 5.1 cm
 1926 - 1928

In 1928 the company was renamed BENOVA  ( composed word of BENJAMIN and NOVA  )

  7.0 cm x 3.4 cm
 1928 - 1929

repro emblem made with the original dies

all repro emblems have a central stud

rare original script

in 1929 the last advertisment

Fore  more emblems see older posts or top right ( list of car makers ).

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