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MARTINI was a famous weapons and machine factory in Switzerland. Initially, chassis from ROCHET - SCHNEIDER were used. In 1924, the brothers Walter and Robert Steiger took over the majority of the shares and continued to build the German Steiger car there. In the twenties, engines from WANDERER were also installed. The global economic crisis ultimately led to the end of Martini in 1934. Around 3,500 vehicles were built in 37 years.


As far as I know, the following emblem was used from 1903 to 1925. Nevertheless, it is very rare. I guess that MARTINI only produced around 1000 vehicles during this period:

The rifle on the emblem naturally refers to the company's origins as a gun manufacturer

14.3 cm x 5.6 cm

1903  - 1925

1907 advertisment with emblem on top. But why the rifle is showing to the left ?

this script has been in use for decades

period postcard and Martini badge

Martini drink or red wine, that´s the question

1917 advertisment with oval emblem (never seen on a car) and two goats

In 1925 there was a new round emblem:

The emblem shows a billy goat, a typical animal of the Swiss Alps.

7.3 cm

1925  - 1930


After the Steiger brothers joined the Martini company, the car was understandably called MARTINI DER STEIGER:

1928 ad showing the MARTINI with STEIGER mascot

STEIGER mascot as seen on the ad above

There was a second mascot on the MARTINI:

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