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BNC  / LEVALLOIS - PERRET / FRANCE  ( 1923 - 1931 )

In 1923, the company "BOLLACK, NETTER & CIE" in Levallois near Paris began manufacturing a small car, a "cyclecar" with the brand name BNC. The car was one of the better and more successful sports and racing cars of the 1920s and 1930s. In 1931, BNC participated for the last time at the Paris Motor Show with a stand of 5 cars, one of them with a 6-cylinder engine.


the first BNC radiator had a 3-letter script only

To my knowledge a new, much more artistically styled emblem appeared in 1923:

the new emblem shows a hand holding a burning torch

  9.0 cm x 12.0 cm
 1923 -1925

you can read that the design was patented inMarch 1923

1924 brochure showing a golden emblem

1925 poster still with the torch emblem

in 1926 the an enameled emblem appeared, you can see it on the radiator of the chassis right

I love it when the emblem can be seen on the emblem again.

14.3 cm x 5.6 cm

1926  - 1930


backside without makers mark ( as usual in France)

1928 advertisment

you can see one of the rare survivor in National Museum in Mulhouse / France (Schlumpfmuseum) but the emblem is looking like a repro


 1928 brochure  showing the variety of BNC vehicles.


another survivor here with original emblem

There was probably  a new oval emblem in 1930. Unfortunately I do not have a sharp contemporary photo. Can you help and send me one?

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