Dec 21, 2023


 LOMBARD / Courbevoie / FRANCE  ( 1927 - 1929 )

The LOMBARD automobile company was founded by race organizer and racing driver André Lombard in 1927 , who had previously worked for SALMSON. His personal goal was to manufacture vehicles under his own name. Regular production began with the AL3 type, which had a 4-cylinder engine with 40HP or 60HP with a supercharger.  94 vehicles of this type were built until 1929, when the factory and remaining parts were bought by BNC, who marketed the resulting automobiles as BNC.

For more information about the BNC automobile click here.

André Lombard chose a ship as the trademark for his emblem, which is surprising for an automobile, even if he was not the only manufacturer to depict a ship in the car emblem ( see Plymouth, Rover or Lada ). He probably chose a warship because there was also a time in his career when he developed weapons of war  ( thank you Giuseppe for the information)

Emblem with warship. The three colors blue, white and red are the national colors of France

c.6.0  cm 

 1927 - 1929


one of the rare LOMBARD advertisments

one of the rare survivor seen in Den Haag / Louwman museum in 2023

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