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MAGIRUS  ULM / GERMANY  ( 1866 - 2012 )

The company was founded in 1866 by Conrad Dietrich Magirus. From the very beginning, it specialized in fire engines and firefighting equipment. 

From October 1919 to 1926, the vehicles were sold via the Deutschen Automobil Konzern ( = DAK ), which was founded with the companies DUXPRESTO  and VOMAG  for sales purposes.

The takeover of Magirus by Humboldt-Deutz AG was completed in 1936.

From 1940, the name Magirus was no longer used until the end of the war. From then on  the vehicles bore a circular logo with the lettering Klöckner-Deutz on the radiator grille and were sold under this name for a few years.

In 1949, the Magirus logo returned to the front of the vehicle, and the brand name was henceforth Magirus-Deutz.

Truck production was moved to Madrid  / Spain in 2012.

The first enameled MAGIRUS emblem shows the Ulm cathedral, the most famous building in the home town with the highest church tower of the world ( 161,5 meter )

7.8 cm



Here another version with a white background and a more detailed cathedral. This is a two-piece emblem as the cathedral was made separatly and fixed by a clip.

photo and emblem collection Murray Shears

1921 DAK  advertisment showing also an MAGIRUS truck ( yellow bus in the background, if I'm not wrong )

early MAGIRUS bus with radiator emblem


1918 - 1920 advertisment still with the old emblem

In 1925 a new emblem was presented and patented:

What a smart design for the new emblem: the Ulm Minster as a silouhette with the integrated letter “M” for Magirus !

Simple but skillful, the new emblem. Unfortunately I don't know which artist had this idea

  7.8 cm

backside without makers mark

1922 MAGIRUS front with mascot in a rectangular frame and emblem

There was also a red version:

 7.8  cm

1928 advertisment showing the emblem of that time

In 1938 there was a new radiator mascot  which shows the Ulm Minster as a silouhette and at the same time the letter “M” for Magirus:

1938:  one year only mascot

the mascot was also a motormeter

1938 advertisment by Bernd Reuters with  mascot shown above

1939 MAGIRUS without mascot ( Type M40 ) seen in a German museum

1964 MAGIRUS DEUTZ  Type PLUTO 200 D, still with MAGIRUS emblem

bakelite horn button of the nineteenfifties

plastic horn button of the nineteenseventies

This is the end, my friend: MAGIRUS DEUTZ without emblem ( seen on a construction side in 2022)

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