Dec 21, 2013


CHRYSLER Motors gave up making a four-cylinder CHRYSLER model  in 1928. For this field they created the new make PLYMOUTH to compete against FORD and CHEVROLET.
So from the beginning on PLYMOUTH was a mass producer.
That means for the collector that most of PLYMOUTH emblems are in the one star category.

Here you see a rare exception: the 1933 hood ornament with integrated emblem.
Pay attention the wings  are often broken or shortened.

PLYMOUTH mascot with emblem

emblem only: 5.0 cm x 3.3 cm

Here you see the next exception: the 1935 mascot. Hard to find in a perfect shape !

PLYMOUTH hood ornament mounted on a hub cap.

Dimensionsemblem only: 5.0cm x 3.4 cm

What you see on every PLYMOUTH emblem is the ship named Mayflower which carried the Pilgrim Fathers from Plymouth / England across the Atlantic in 1620.

left: emblem from 1928 (export version)    right: emblem from 1930

4.2 cm x 3.4 cm
1928 - 1930

PLYMOUTH emblem collection mounted on a contemporary ad
The PLYMOUTH emblem on top right is a rare find because of the original yellow enamel.
It is from the Lee Roy Hartung collection that was put up for auction in 2011.
Please look at my Lee Roy Hartung label. You find it in my alphabetical list.

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  1. Hi im interested in 1933 Plymouth Hood Ornament Mascot with Emblem.
    It's compatible with Plymouth 1933 PD 4 sedan? please, send me more information