Feb 25, 2019

AUDI / Germany

AUDI was founded in 1910. Here is the first enameled emblem in the history of AUDI.
Before there was an oval brass emblem on the radiator with a small "a", so it says: audi.
The AUDI production stopped in 1939. The next Audi was the type 60 from 1965. It was a revised DKW F 102.
Dimensions8 cm x 6 cm


                      There is no makers make, but the backside of an original has to look like this.

1914 advertisment showing an oval AUDI badge

original document for the trade mark  (logo) registration

ancient AUDI factory still showing the contemporary script in 2019

First AUDI radiator emblem; made of brass only. Seen in a German museum

brass emblem:  audi with small first letter

AUDI in WWI  (1917)

In 1929 there was a new emblem with the  town´s  coat of arms of Zwickau / Saxony

wanted: don´ t hesitate to offer me this emblem

Dimensionca  8 cm x 6 cm
Year1929  - 1930


1929 / 30  AUDI Typ SS, seen in a German museum

In 1930 the new AUDI front emblem was introduced showing a big 1 on a hemisphere:
It was already registered as a trademark in 1924.

Dimension6.3 cm x 3.9 cm


Pay attention, there are reproductions so look at the reverse:

left: original                              right: repro

AUDI 1 emblem  (size: 6.1 cm x  9.0 cm ) never seen on a car ?!

1924 advertisment showing the AUDI 1  emblem

1917 advertisment: No need to show the car when you are proud about your emblem design

1913 AUDI advertisment with old fashioned letter A

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