Feb 26, 2021


 GLADIATOR ( 1896 - 1920 )

The first GLADIATOR company was founded in Pré-Saint-Gervais near Paris in 1891 and initially manufactured bicycles. The first automobile was built in 1896. It was equipped with a 1-cylinder engine. Later GLADIATOR used English engines from ASTER. In 1909 the company GLADIATOR was bought by VINOT et DEGUINGANG and both brands produced quasi identical cars.  In 1920 the production of GLADIATOR was abandoned, because VINOT could no longer afford the luxury of a double production.

1899 / 1900 GLADIATOR voiturette ( first model with ASTER engine, no emblem yet )

The Gladiator on top of the world... one of the most beautiful car emblems

Sizec 12 cm x 6 cm
Year1904 - 1914

1904 GLADIATOR race car seen in Paris / Retromobile in 2019

GLADIATOR also sold vehicles in Great Britain:

1912 British GLADIATOR advertisement

the same car more than hundred years before

very early GLADIATOR vehicle

At a flea market I found this brass emblem from Gladiator. According to my research, it would have to be a part of an ashtray that GLADIATOR had brought out as a promotional item:

GLADIATOR bicycle or ashtray emblem


advertisment showing the car, the bicycle and the emblem


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